Oh Netflix, what have you done?

“Gone too soon…”

Over the years, we have all been victims to Netflix’s decisions to cancel some of our favourite series. Unfortunately for me, many of their recent cancellations have been series which I have just finished watching over the past few months. After binge-watching them, I rushed to the internet, searching for when the next season will be released, only to discover that as well as an empty watchlist I now have an empty heart as I will never know if Sheila was able to reverse her undead state or if Allie and Will finally get together!!!

In light of this, I thought I would share with you some of the recently cancelled TV series that continue to hold a special place in my heart.

1. The Society

Cancelled after 1 season due to increased costs and scheduling difficulties due to Covid-19

The Society is a US teen mystery series about a group of high school students. On their way to a school trip, the trip is cancelled and they are forced to return home. But they return home to discover that all of their neighbours are missing. Whilst attempting to find out what has happened, food supplies begin to cease and the cracks begin to show.

What I like about The Society is that it’s a series that captures your attention from episode one and from there on your instantly hooked. Filled with drama, mystery, romance and comedy it’s the perfect series to binge-watch. But now that Netflix have decided to cancel the series, it looks like I will just have to imagine how the HUGE cliffhanger at the end of season 1 ended rather than being able to watch it all on the big screen (that being the 30-inch TV in my bedroom).

2. Santa Clarita Diet

Cancelled after 3 seasons as it was becoming too expensive to create.

Santa Clarita Diet is a US comedy-horror series about a normal suburban family of real estate agents. One day the mother of the family, Sheila (played by Drew Barrymore) becomes undead. Whilst trying to help her through her craving for human flesh, her and her family look for a solution.

What made Santa Clarita Diet so entertaining was that it had a different take on the average family drama series. With just the right balance of comedy and gore, Santa Clarita Diet was one of those series where you could go on your phone for 10 minutes, look back up at the screen and not be confused as to where the plot had gone. But, once again it looks like I will never know if Shelia was able to return back to her human state.

3. Dead to Me

Cancelled after 3 seasons as the cast and crew decided it was the right point to end the show.

Dead to Me is a US tragedy-comedy series that follows the friendships of two friends, Jen and Judy, who meet at a grief support group. As their friendship begins to blossom, it soon becomes clear that Judy is harbouring a secret that could change their friendship forever…

Now, this one really confused me. For 3 seasons, Netflix had supported this series. It had won awards and had global reach, yet after creating the biggest plot twist yet, they decided it was the right time to cancel the series. If anything, this was the WORST time to cancel the series! Once again, I am now left to imagine what would have happened next. If anyone from Netflix is reading this right now, I am willing to make a contribution to get this show back on the air (how does £5 sound?) to save myself from this disappointment.

So, if like me you are currently mourning the loss of a cancelled TV series please take comfort in knowing that I feel your pain. Let me know in the comments which series you loved that is now unfortunately no longer with us.


3 thoughts on “Oh Netflix, what have you done?”

  1. I don’t really mourn television shows being cancelled, since frankly I’m not up to date with much. I do mourn when a film wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be though… Rise of Skywalker, how could you!?

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