The Warriors

“Warriors, come out to play… Warriors come out to plaaaayyy”

  • Title: The Warriors
  • Director: Walter Hill
  • Release date: 9th February 1979

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you dig ittttt?”.

If you are part of the minority that has not heard this line before…

Get out the popcorn, put in the DVD and immerse yourself into 92 minutes of super cool bad boys fun.

The cult classic The Warriors follows the story of Coney Island gang ‘The Warriors’ after they are falsely accused of murdering gang kingpin Cyrus by rival gang ‘The Rogues’. The film follows their journey back to their sacred territory of Coney Island while being tracked down by every gang in the city of New York.

After an initial lousy reception, The Warriors is now deemed as a classic by every critic. Adapted from the book ‘The Warriors’ by Sol Yurick, Hill initially claimed that the screenplay was “too extreme and too weird” to be a hit. But after gaining a small budget, he decided to bring the story to life and in doing so created cinematic history.

As an avid comic fan, Hill was determined to capture these elements within the cinematography of the film which he did perfectly. From the blood-red graffiti-style title sequence to the use of cut transitions to represent a new chapter, Hill really captured the comic book style elements which allowed the film to stand out, even in the present day where the filming and editing capabilities are endless.

One particular scene which caught my eye was the close-up shot of the radio presenter Lynne Thigpen as she kept the city up to date with the movements of the gang. This reoccurring scene definitely added a different element to the film as the use of low-key lighting, the close-up shot and the use of the colour red created an iconic image which I will always associate with the movie.

The Warriors while definitely being a gang thriller does not possess the graphic violence scenes we have come to expect from such movies, as is more about young testosterone filled males strutting their stuff as they go about the business of proving who the top dog in town is. The fact that this is all played out dressed in remarkable gang threads and choreographed fight scenes that could be in a Bruce Lee movie all adds to its appeal.

Watch it…join the cult

6 thoughts on “The Warriors”

  1. This film review very eloquently captures the mood of the film. Not only that, this fantastic review rekindles thoughts of my youth. As a young teenager at the time of the release of the film during the days of “small local cinemas” I remember going to see the film once at the cinema with my older teenage peers going to see the film twice and in some cases three times such was the impact of the film at the time.

    The real splendour of this review are the memories that it will evoke amongst literally all of my dozens of peers who are now middle aged. This golden period of our youth epitomised by symbols such as “The Warriors” well before PlayStation, Xbox and mobile phones etc seems like a whole lifetime ago when life was much more unassuming and far less stressful.

    The film itself seems timeless as the film reviewer eludes to but then, will this current generation be able to “Dig it” in the same manner that we did back in the day!

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    1. What fantastic comments. This film was recommended to me by my now middle-aged dad and I am so glad to see that other people of his generation also share his enthusiasm for ‘The Warriors’. Please don’t forget you’re never too old “to come out to play”.


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