Save Me


  • Title: Save Me
  • Director: Nick Murphy
  • Release date: 28th February 2018

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Save Me.

Arguably the best British TV series… Actually, scrap that.

Save Me.

Arguably one of the best TV series EVER MADE.

Right now, I am assuming many of you are thinking “Wow this is a bold statement. I’ve never even heard of Save Me”.

Well if you are thinking this, then you would be correct. At a low point in my life when Game of Thrones had just finished, and a decent series seemed few and far between.

I needed saving. And boy, did this save me!

Set in the city of London, Save Me follows the story of Nelly Rowe (the only man that you will ever see wearing a yellow coat). After his estranged daughter disappears in mysterious circumstances, Nelly decided to discover what happened to her, and in doing so, unearthed far more than he ever could have imagined.

To break this down for you guys I’m going to give you three simple reasons why Save Me is one of the best series you will ever watch.

Prepare to be enlightened!

1. The Script

Written by the main protagonists himself, Lennie James did a spectacular job in creating this piece of pure genius. Grabbing ideas for characters from people he knew and investigating in-depth the darker elements of the storyline, he did a terrific job in creating this piece.

One thing I did particularly enjoy was the little hidden gems which James dropped into the script. The small links to his West Indian roots (which as a West Indian girl myself I can broadly relate to) make the show seem that bit more inclusive to me which I did largely appreciate.

Legobeast- a West Indian term used to describe a loose person that has no care for their reputation/image.
Saltfish dumplings

2. The character development

Constantly on the edge of your seats throughout every episode, the depth of each character means that there is always something that will leave you wanting to know more. One thing I have noticed with many series is that the side characters in the plot are often overlooked and underdeveloped. However, in Save Me, every character is developed so well that either one of them could star as the main protagonist, and the series would still be just as impressive. This is certainly something that not all TV series can achieve.

  • Nelly (Lennie James) embodies the stereotypical attributes associated with a black male, e.g. absent father, multiple partners. But, his inability to feel fulfilled in life is what leaves him with the time and energy which he can put into finding Jody. All of which he does with that damn yellow coat!
  • Claire (Suranne Jones) and Barry (Barry Ward) display a happily married couple on the outside but harbour many personal issues, mainly stemming from Barry’s dodgy dealings, which soon begin to come to the surface.
  • Melon (Stephen Graham) and Bernie (Alice Feetham) are a couple with many dark harbouring secrets. Alright alright, I’ll give you a clue…They have a 10-year age difference. And they met when Bernie was 13. And when they met Melon worked as a youth worker with children…
  • Zita (Camilla Beeput) is one of Nelly’s lovers who is still dealing with the demons of her abusive past.

3. Instantly hooked

I would say from approximately 20 minutes into Episode 1 I was hooked. The show introduces you to the central premise of the storyline straight away, which is always a positive. With many TV shows, the pilot can often be tedious and therefore not a true reflection of the rest of the series, but with Save Me, the show started off with a bang, and it only got better.

Becoming Sky’s most binge-watched box set ever, clearly, I am not alone in thinking that this series is truly legendary. I would say it’s safe to say that the other 3.1 million viewers who downloaded the season 2 within its first few weeks of release can vouch for me. So hopefully at this point, you have either added this series to your watchlist or you are already 10 minutes deep into Episode 1.

And its looks like all your luck has come at once because season 2 has already aired, so 12 episodes are sitting right there ready for you to watch!

Available to watch now on Sky on Demand, Now TV and Amazon Prime Video, Starz and iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Save Me”

  1. Huh, yeah I’ve never heard of this before. When I compare my favorite television show (s) to this masterclass work, from what I understand, I genuinely feel a little embarrassed. Everyone says Breaking Bad or The Sopranos or Save Me, but I just love MST3K and Space Ghost Coast to Coast so much!

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