This is…Quentin Tarantino

“Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.”

Born in March 1963 in the town of Knoxville, Tennessee, Quentin Tarantino would later grow up to become one of Tia’s favourite directors. An astonishing achievement if I do say so myself!

“He’s any actors dream”– Diane Kruger

“Quentin Tarantino is one of the smartest people I have ever met” -Channing Tatum

“Working with Tarantino is the best”– Jamie Foxx

… Shall I continue

Below lies the reasons why Tarantino is one of the most influential directors of the 20th and 21st century. And more importantly, why he is one of my favourite directors.

If you watched a Tarantino film without knowing he directed it, trust me, within 10 minutes of viewing it, it would be unquestionable to think that it was created by anyone other than him. With a directing style that is nothing but pure genius, here are some signifiers to show you what makes a perfect Tarantino film.

Graphic violence: Everyone knows Tarantino is known for his excessive violence and gore, and this is exactly what makes his films so perfect! The fact that upon its release in the UK, Reservoir Dogs was initially banned from cinemas because of how Tarantino used elements of torture for entertainment purposes, shows just how much Tarantino’s directing shocked audiences. Regardless of this, Tarantino continues to praise the importance of violence, stating that “Violence is good. It affects the audience in a big way”.

Non-linear narratives: This film structure applies to any film which isn’t presented in chronological order. Usually, films like these may include a lot of montage editing and flashbacks. Tarantino uses non-linear narratives in so many of his films this technique is now referred to in the film industry as the ‘Tarantino effect’. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight are all examples of films that use this structure. True Romance (which was also written by Tarantino) was intended to be portrayed in this style before Tony Scott decided to change it once he purchased the screenplay.

Fake brands: If you are a die-hard Tarantino fan and analyse his films, then you may already know this, but Tarantino often creates his own brands and includes them in his movies. Examples of this are: ‘G.O Juice’ (a juice drink brand which appears in Kill Bill: Volume 1), ‘K-Billy’ (a fictional radio station which appears in Reservoir Dogs) and ‘Red Apple Cigarettes’ (a tobacco company which features in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill, From Dusk Till Dawn)

Using the same actors: In many of his films you may notice that Tarantino often uses the same actors. One key example of this is Samuel L Jackson who stars in six on Tarantino’s nine films! (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Inglorious Basterds) In this case can you blame him? Who wouldn’t want to see Samuel L Jackson in a movie!

My Favourite films:

As a huge fan of Tarantino, I thought I would give you an insight into my favourite Tarantino films. If you haven’t seen any of these films, definitely add them to your watchlist!

Pulp Fiction (1994) is the most sporadic film that you will ever watch. Its got drug overdoses, its got classic dance sequences, its got shootouts… And most importantly, its got John Travolta.

Reservoir Dogs (1992) is one of the most iconic crime films that I have ever seen. I mean who doesn’t want to watch a film about a bunch of criminals, one of which goes by the name of Mr Pink!

Django Unchained (2012) is undoubtably the only western that I will happily take hours out of my day to watch. If this sentence hasn’t encouraged you to see this film then I don’t know what will.


4 thoughts on “This is…Quentin Tarantino”

  1. He’s one of my favorites as well, since he has really inspired me to make my own films. I can say that there are directors that I prefer in certain situations, but he’s still one of the best in the industry right now. Mind if I rank his films? Let’s hope so:

    9: Kill Bill Vol. 2
    8: Death Proof
    7: The Hateful Eight
    6: Jackie Brown (better than what most people say, in my opinion. Also, Pam Grier!)
    5: Kill Bill Vol. 1
    4: Once upon a Time in Hollywood (this one is definitely a grower)
    3: Pulp Fiction
    2: Reservoir Dogs
    1: Django Unchained (a bloody good time! And as a fan of Westerns, even more so)

    Honestly, this guy is so good that none of his films are actually bad, I just like watching others more then another. Bonus: If True Romance and From Dusk till Dawn were on my ranking, the former would be in 1st (it is my second favorite film, after all) and the latter would be in last.

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    1. Very good ranking i’m glad you put Django Unchained at the top otherwise I would have been very disappointed 😂. Let’s hope his final film (since he claims he will only direct 10 films in his career) can top his previous creative masterpieces!

      Liked by 1 person

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